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serpent_jutsu [userpic]

So sorry, I wasn't able to throw you a proper welcome...

September 19th, 2006 (09:26 am)

How much loathing I feel right now..: amused

It is, of course, to my great disappointment that we’ve left the Sand. Kukukuku. I am looking forward to them trying to pursue us. The lead Kabuto has found has been a valid one, and although I know he has had to go through a lot of bodies to rip it out of someone’s chest in the end, if that’s what he needs to do, then that’s what he needs to do.

I had a sneaking suspicion, the familiar name would come up. Uta, Yanagi – the former Kazekage of the Sand. Expelled for inability to control her subjects – and I don’t mean the people of that village. For one, I am looking forward to that face off – as a person who isn’t fused with her demon I’m eager to see (and learn) the techniques that perhaps soon will become my own.

Aside from the fact that I am..peeved at Kabuto’s lack of competence, I am willing to grant him his wish. I do understand there are a lot of things on his shoulders at the current moment and I’ve drawn up a list of names for the assistants. Kabuto, make sure you stop by, once we’re back at the base, to pick it up. Anyone on that list is fine, for your choosing.

Sasuke-kun. What a shame I didn’t get a chance to personally greet you upon your entrance into the village. I would assure you, things would have been a LOT different had I known. Kabuto, how is it that you’ve MISSED that piece of information?
I’ll deal with that later though.

Our travel across the desert was just as irritating as sitting in the village. Sand, heat and different annoyances everywhere. We’ve been following the lead, but it seems that every time we get close, somehow the source of her position would relocate. Sound five are following me closely, although I’d rather have them be on another mission. I’m beginning to suspect something, but I need to fully check my suspicions before I announce them.

Private to KabutoCollapse )

serpent_jutsu [userpic]

Locked to the Sound Only.

August 11th, 2006 (05:52 pm)

Kabuto, Kimmimaro, Jiroubu, Tayuya, Sakon/Ukon.
I have instructions for you.

For Sound OnlyCollapse )

serpent_jutsu [userpic]


August 3rd, 2006 (09:54 am)

How much loathing I feel right now..: irritated

I am slightly annoyed at the stoic demeanor from the Sand Sage. I had no intents on killing him – he’s not worth the efforts.

Locating the former Kazekage seems to prove even more difficult than finding the scroll. I’m growing agitated with the situation, and the Council.

Well..they have their own fate coming to them.

Winds are changing and I begin to find this climate just as irritating as Kabuto’s incompetence. Although, I am not surprised he isn’t able to locate this woman. She seems to be notorious for solitude and the Desert is vast and vicious. This will require my personal attention.

Kabuto, what is it I hear about certain village trying to meddle in things that are not theirs to begin with?

Sakon/Ukno, Jiroubu, Tayuya, Kidoumaru and Kimmimaro – I expect you to attend the meeting. There has been the change in plans.

Kabuto, I’m leaving it up to you – whether you want to apply more pressure on the brat or not. Just don’t get too comfortable.

serpent_jutsu [userpic]

I'm pleased with your abilities.

July 18th, 2006 (08:27 am)

How much loathing I feel right now..: pleased

I knew I kept Kabuto around for something. I'm pleased.

So. The former Kazekage seems to be the key. Hn. Apprehanding her would be a tad more difficult, but never the less interesting.

The girl broke...I'm pleased. It was foolish of her to stand by watch her brother suffer.
I, of course, will keep my end of bargain.
Good job, Kabuto.

Although I would have given a half a thought of letting her remember what she said, I did agree with Kabuto's actions.
Looking out for the soon future is a good survival technique.

I guess I'll keep you around.
For now.

serpent_jutsu [userpic]

Those rats..

July 13th, 2006 (09:19 pm)

How much loathing I feel right now..: curious

I was muchly amused to hear the claim of the sand rat.
Kukuku. Despite Kabuto's actions, if a rape was to occur, I think it would have only helped her understand better what situation she is in.

However, Kabuto did mention that if she were to be raped she would close off, immedeately and trying to break her from inside her shell would be a lot more difficult. I knew, the experiment is in a delicate stage right about now. So I disposed of the guards. Kabuto instructed the new pair not to interact with the sand two if they can afford it. I inquired about the brother's condition and gave orders to Kabuto to give him some medication. Not enough to make his recovery, but enough to bring him out of the near death state.

His sister can watch him suffer as he lingers in between the land of the living and the dead. Maybe that'll convince her.

Being mildly displeased at Kabuto's lack of progress on the scroll, I was pleasantly surprised when one of the Council Members mentioned one of the former sage ninjas who lived in the village.

Report to me at once.
I have a new mission for the two of you.

serpent_jutsu [userpic]


July 10th, 2006 (10:34 pm)

How much loathing I feel right now..: amused

I am frustrated.
But..not for Kabuto's lack of effort of course. He's taking special care in torturing the sand child...but it seems to me, as a...third party observer, it isn't the brother he's trying to get to...

It's the sister.

But I am not concerned. She'll break soon enough. For now, I must amuse myself with other..more important matters.

Family. Attachment. Useless emotions. Foolish and pointless, just like Tsunade with her ridiculus fear of blood. Tch. Some ninja. Scared of blood because of ....Well never mind.
Tsu-dy will get hers soon enough.

For now, however, I am liking this whole Kazekage position...

serpent_jutsu [userpic]

(no subject)

May 19th, 2006 (07:43 pm)

How much loathing I feel right now..: bitchy

The trickiest part is not to get sand underneath your clothing, as Kabuto has found out.

I must admit, that IS a bit annoying but there was a lot of blood to curb my curiosity. For the first seven hours, we spent fighting our way in. The Council done a nice job handing the Sand over to us, although I must admit.

These ninjas are a bit gamy to chew on. Shame on me for getting used to pick on fattened leaves and their senile boobarella of a hokage.

I was pleased with the general results, although the sources tell me we have not been able to account Kimmimaro. Despite all of that I WAS pleased with the results.

Key word. WAS.

Kabuto, shortsighted idiot, has MISSED the Kazekage's escape, and the little monster fled. I would have probably been severely displeased if I wasn't told about the capture that occured. The girl, AND the middle child were apprehanded.


Sakon/Ukon, Tayuya, Jiroubu. I have another mission for you.
Come at once.
As for you Kabuto, I'm willing to overlook your horrendous mistake because someone else corrected it for you.

Prep the torture room.
I'm going to enjoy this very much.

serpent_jutsu [userpic]


May 16th, 2006 (12:54 am)

Regardless of what mindless fools say, revenge is not worthless consumption of one's time.
Just look at the village of Konoha, wallowing in its own misery. I pity them.

Certain special ninja thinks I am not aware of things, but as before - I'm more aware than I let it be shown.

I should have known, it's easier to buy people with promise of power than a promise of good sense and justice. Despite all the "normal" social interactions - that child is STILL a monster. Kukukuku.

Like two peas in a pod.

I remember the late Kazekage had a jutsu, hidden somewhere that allowed one to bind a demon to a soul of a child. I didn't have the chance to search for it back then but now it might be exactly what I need. Plan is always simple. I promise the Council freedom from that monster - they give me the Sand.

Before this night is over - I will be victorious.
Farewell, proud sand.

serpent_jutsu [userpic]

To my darling Sound Ninjas..(and non sound ninjas alike)

May 1st, 2006 (09:59 am)

How much loathing I feel right now..: amused

OOC (of course)

Guys and gals,
Frogs and slugs (and creepy doctors)
Freaks, creeps and everything in between.
I'm not too sure if it's known but I've taken up orochimaru as well (this is Temari's rper) so I am in dire need of getting together with some people. I don't know if all of us will be able to come together at a certain time, but if not I will be contacting you guys by email. I'm sorry for being absent so much - I work a lot now-a-days, it's hard to continue to think about anything BESIDES work and being brain dead.

Kimmimaro, I'm sorry for being so out of reach for the past week. I'm wondering if you're have any time this week. Our new Kabuto will also be available (I think) during this week. If I can't catch you online tonight, that's Monday May 1st, 2006 I will more than likely send you an email with a plan outline. Actually I'd like to sit down WITH ALL the rpers and go over the general plan that is in my head...(somewhere)

If you would be so kind and grant me some of your wonderful time... Monday night is the only night I"ll be on all night because I have a lot of stuff to do prolly till friday and then on friday I am not home in the evenings. But if I do not see you tonight I'll email, no worries.

In case anyone wishes to email me first iremat@sbcglobal.net
Don't worry. I don't bite...


serpent_jutsu [userpic]

(no subject)

April 4th, 2006 (12:32 pm)

How much loathing I feel right now..: cranky

It's perrrrrrfect.
Kimmimaro, Kabuto.
withdraw from Konoha, pronto.

Suna awaits....